The perfect service for your special day

Once you visit our showroom to select your preferred bridal transportation from the superbly maintained 'Perfect Day' fleet, the quality of our personal service and expertise will follow you right through to the very end of your extremely special day. From the very moment our immaculate and professional Chauffeur turns up at your door, he will expertly guide you to the car, assuring your bridal gown arrives at the venue, as clean and as crisp, as it left your house. He will also do his utmost to assist with those often unwelcome, 'wedding day butterflies” Each of the 'Perfect Day' cars carries either a white or ivory umbrella for those often unexpected Welsh showers (let’s not talk about them today!) Internally, they carry a small 'emergency' basket, containing a sewing kit, packets of tissues, antibacterial hand wipes, mints and a fresh bottle of water with individual drinking straws, ensuring your lipstick stays fresh and intact!

Your 'Perfect Day' Chauffeur will expertly assist the photographer, firstly to display your dress for the all important pre-wedding photographs, and finally with your respected permission, assist your Bridesmaids and/or Maid of Honour, with the ever-so-essential handling of the gown, to escort you to the welcoming entrance of your wedding venue. Following the ceremony, to further celebrate this wonderful event in front of your excited family and friends, a complementary gift of a chilled bottle of bubbly will be opened, then a toast to the future professionally raised on your behalf. After which, the Chauffeur will present the saved bubbly cork in a small ornamental gift box, as a sentimental keepsake, from your first toast as a married couple. Another 'Perfect Day' first!.

You will be gracefully whisked away to the chosen reception venue, with an added option of a pre-selected and en-route 30 minute photographic stop. The Chauffeur will also remain at your point of reception, to professionally await completion of your photographs, within a respectable time period. Finally, he will bid you farewell, offering his personal congratulations and wishing you his own and most certainly 'Perfect Day’s', Best Wishes for your future lives together.